Mash Cooler

mash cooler,Separate cooling,Heat tolerance,Separate mixer,Unique jet filter

Mesh Cooler,Unique jet filter,Adjustable Electronic level control system,

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Mash Cooler

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Device code : OM
Name code : Mash Cooler
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Cooler mash

 for Livestock and Poultry feed is cool and dry. Two floors dry and cooling. Equipped with jet filter bag waterproof and heat to 150 degrees. Each floor has a separate mixer shooter. Has a level control system is electronic and pneumatic discharge. Off-loading to complete  and exit speed is adjustable material. Air flow can be controlled from the room. Due to cooler full discharge, any impurities in the material cannot be seen. All parts interchangeable and air damper for manual and automatic operation.



-cooling and drying process in mash cooling method Separately after the( Hygienic processor machine )
-Unique jet filter and the waterproof bag with heat tolerance of the bag until 150 ̊ c
-Separate mixer and shooter in each floor
-Adjustable Electronic  level control system
-Adjustable Electro Pneumatic discharge system
-Adjustable product output speed control system
-Complete discharge of produts non combi- nation of material
-Airlock ,air flow control room
-Non impurity  remains in products because the cooler surface is cleaned. Products will be exposed to minimum pressure. All parts are available and may be replaced.
-Manual/Automatic Air Damper
-Minimum energy consumption, maximum efficiency 
-Minimum press and shock
-Easy to replace parts
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