Counter Flow Cooler

Counter Flow Cooler,electronic loading,Pneumatic discharge, temperature of pellets,The cooling principle,counter-flow cooler, pelletized products

Counter Flow Cooler,Electronoc loading control ,Pneumatic discharge system,

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Counter Flow Cooler

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Device code : OC
Name code : Counter Flow Cooler
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Asiab counter-flow cooler
The Asiab counter-flow cooler solutions ensure the correct temperature of pellets prior to storage.The counter flow cooler is suitable for optimum cooling of extruded or pelletized products based on customer applications and preferences. It prepares to the pellets optimally for storage and is one of the cleanest solutions due its discharge system.
The cooling principle
Prior to storage, pellets are cooled down to an ambient temperature of +5 degrees Celsius to obtain the most suitable for storage over both shorter and longer periods of time.


adjustable Electronic level control system -
adjustable Electro Pneumatic discharge system- 
adjustable product output speed control system-
full product discharge-
airlock, air flow control system may be installed from control room-
 Non impurity remains in products because the cooler surface is cleaned-
.products will be exposed to minimum pressure-
   .All parts are available and may be replaced.-
 Manual and automatic air damping -
Minimum energy consumption . maximum efficiency -
- Cooling of heat treated materials to ensure proper storage
- Counter-flow cooling provide efficient energy transfer
- Clean operating conditions
- Low maintenance and operational costs
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