Microdosing Linear

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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Microdosing Linear

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Device code : DL
Name code : Microdosing Linear
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Micro Dosing

- Weighing  medicines , single –vitamins and health supplements for poultry and health supplemens , accuracy 40 gr per batch
- Capable of performing more than 50 various formula
- Weighing system for mixed weighing of 8-10-12-16-24-36 units
- Software Automatic Calibration
- Capable of printer connection
- Intelligent systems for speed and accuracy feeders
- Ability to display Excel file system per formance
- Pneumatic vibration system to easy
- Discharging (pneumatic full discharging)
- Smart changing RPM
- Electrical brake system
- Pc control system
- Ability to connect to ASIAB  Group service center via the internet for bugfixes and updates
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