Full Automatic Bag Filling

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Full Automatic Bag Filling

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Name code : Full Automatic Bag Filling
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Full Automatic Bagging
-Up to 500 bags per hour
(   high weighing accuracy (up ±40 gr-
-Full automatic sewing system
-Optimized dust control
-Capble of jet printer installation
-Automatic settings for bag changes
-All common types of bag closing devices
-Feeding system with 3 Methods ( conveyor , gate , screw)
-User – friendly touch control panel and PLC control system
-Suitable for use with various kinds of bags ( nylon , paper ,… )
Excellent machine accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
-The ability to change the height of the bag from 70 up to 110 cm
-Ability to connect to ASIAB Group service via the internet for bug fixes and updates
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