Single Packet Filling

Single Packet Filling,PALETIZER Robot,feeder robot,plc system

single Packet Filling,filling accuracy tolerance +-10 g,PALETIZER Robot connection,screw transmission system,

Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Single Packet Filling

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Device code : Z25
Name code : Single Packet Filling
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Single Packet Filling
-Equipped with automatic weighing system with the filling accuracy tolerance +-10 g
- Equipped with screw transmission system
-Adjustable to variable bag size (40-80 cm)
-Adjustable to variable bag weight (20-60 kg)
-Suitable to the paper , Plastic ,  WPP  , Laminate bag
-Adjustable output bag
-Capable of automatic cut down (no discharge without packet )
-PLC control system
- Digital weight show system ( plc system )
-Capable of automatic Feeder Robot Connection
-Capable of automatic PALETIZER Robot connection
-Suitable for Food , Chemical , Starch , Pellets , Animal Feed , Tea ,Concentrate
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