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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Press Pellet

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 Asiab pelleting technology
     Today’s demands for high-quality animal feed requires advanced pelleting equipment. Decades of pelleting experience and detailed know-how of the pelleting process has resulted in a range of well-proven ASIAB pellet mills. Our equipment focuses on high performance, reliability, feed hygiene, ease of maintenance and low energy consumption.
Asiab pellet mill (420-108)
series comes in a new fine-tuned design and ensures 420-108 the Asiab highly efficent feed pelleting . It combines the best of current pellet mill technology with the proven features from our long-established family of gear-driven pellet mills and offers the highest output per kW h in its class. The series is available in a 420-580-660-840
Advantages of the 420-580 series:
Compact profile, small footprint, and modular design, making it easy to fit into your feed plant
Internal spray nozzle lubrication system with a proven track record in securing optimum lubrication conditions for the gears
Effective feed distribution: a unique, one-piece adjustable feed plough design for fast and easy adjustment – ensuring uniform feed distribution across the die area and ahead of each roll  Designed for a longer life cycle: All parts that comes into contact with the feed are made of stainless steel, including the roller main shaft and die housing Taper die fit with self-piloting effects making die changing smooth and easyFor high-capacity pelleting and production schedules that demand frequent die changes, the Sprout gear-driven pellet mill offer power and versatility. With our quick-change pelleting cartridge, you can replace dies in about 10 minutes to accommodate changes in production schedules or routine maintenance. The cartridge contains the die housing, die, die cover, die rolls, and main shaft. The cartridge is released easily from the mill, and a sturdy cart transports it to a stand for storage or maintenance.The Sprout V-belt pellet mill offer rock-bottom production costs in the simplest, most efficient design available. The power train's design simplicity features two rugged bearings, a main shaft, and the die housing. Proven in more than 50 years of operation, our V-belt has fewer parts—for less wear, quiet operation, and lower maintenance
costs. This highly dependable equipment produces pellets at quite possibly the lowest cost-per-ton available
- Machine door is entirely stainless steel-made with two knife assemblie
- Magnet: a permanent magnet is fitted in the chute to avoid ferrous metal entering the die
- Overload flap: on the feed conveyor there is an overload flap
- Die holder: die holder is made in forging steel and it has a wear ring. Die holder front base is stainless steel lined to guarantee longer life
- Basement: the pellet mill is built up on a heavy cast iron base that guarantee the absence of vibration
- Main shaft: the front of the shaft is chromed plate for prevent against corrosion
- Drive: the pellet mill is driven by an electric motor via a V-belt transmission. Belts type 5V guarantee the transmission of the motor power with a security factor equal than 1.7
- Shear pin: to protect the pelleting chamber, a shear pin is installed on the rear of the machine
- Lubrication: greasing can be made by the rear of the pellet mill, through the main shaft. In this way, the machine can be lubricated without stop the motor.

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