Pneumatic Conveyer(Hybrid Cyclon)

Pneumatic Conveyer,Hybrid Cyclon,modern cyclon,combination machines,Pneumatic transmission

Hybrid Cyclon,combination machines,Automatic Blower and Vaccum system,Negative Pressure without wind weaking,Capability to Installation Blower or hi pressure Fan,

Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Pneumatic Conveyer(Hybrid Cyclon)

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Name code : Pneumatic Conveyer(Hybrid Cyclon)
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Pneumatic conveyor (Hybrid Cyclone )
-Combination of 2 system of cyclone and bag Filter in one device (Cyclone +bag Filter ) modern cyclone – hybrid cyclone
- transfer of Materials with positive and negative pressure system automatically
-Various capacity / material
-The Negative pressure system ( no  wind leak)
-Energy Efficiency
-High pressure Fan or blower connection
-Pneumatic transmission
-Equipped with air jet
- design of the fan and cyclone in various capacities
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