Super Hygienic Processor

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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Super Hygienic Processor

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Device code : SHP
Name code : Super Hygienic Processor
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A new evolution in the processing of livestock and poultry feed

Super hygienic processors, safe and convenient replacement of common conditioners.
Asiab industrial Group is one of the pioneers in (super hygienic processor) with the design of the inclined conditioners.This technology is designed to offer a controlled residence time and temperature in order to fight more efficiently against salmonella and other pathogens.It guarantees an excellent sanitary quality of your products. The meal flow after super hygienic processor is improved. Gelatinization of starch improves its digestibility. Finally this technique provides higher water content in your products.
The purpose of conditioning the mixed components is moisture and heat evenly penetrate to the inside of each particle in other words a homogeneous mixture arise. The main factors are divided into three categories: heat, moisture and mixing. During the process of conditioning moisture and heat from the surface to the center of each particle penetration and changes the structure of starch, increasing the digestibility of the meal, starch gelatinization and activate adhesion properties with increased pellet quality. Disinfect the materials, gelatinize starch, promote digestion, elimination of harmful fungi and bacteria, and maintain the quality of the main functions of the device. The super hygienic processor guarantees the sanitary quality, improves the meals flow and the starch digestibility and increases the water content of the product. The super hygienic processor has a slope angle improving avoiding any damage of the mixing and allowing a good filling control and retention time.
The meal is inserted into the body via a clogging screw ensuring a regular filling of the conditioner. The product is mixed by the blade(s) of the rotor. It is submitted to a shearing effect in order to stop it before coming out until the opening order is given according to the temperature and selected duration of treatment. That hygienic allows direct steam injection and a homogeneous cooking of the product. The long lasting treatment capacity (up to 6 minutes) of this unit ensures a perfect mixing of starch and gluten molecules.In case of a pellet mill feeding the transverse and horizontal shearing undergone by the product increases water addition possibilities into meal thus improving the quality of pellets produced by the pellet mill and decreasing the energy consumption. It also has liquid incorporation capacities.The outlet valve is designed for a regular feeding and a quick response time of the pellet mill. It is designed to be cleaned easily and to avoid any leak-off steam.


- The unit always operates at 100% refilling preventing any steam leakage
- 100% made of stainless steel
- Installation capability on press pellet, Extruder, Mash, cooler and etc.
- Increase the capacity of press pellet by 20%
- Maintain calorie product at all stages of the pellet, the use of modern cooking methods
- omitting Salmonella fungi
- Increased digestibility
- Thermal system (cold and hot) in second wall
-On-line temperature time, time and humidity system in 8 parts of machine. 


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