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شنبه, 23 سپتامبر 2023
گروه صنعتی آسیاب


ASIAB Industrial Group

Designing the industrial machine in different fields such as: Animal , Poultry ( Oviparous , Broiler , Breeder ) , Livestock feed , Packing Industry , Fertilizer , manufacturing the bolts and nut structure , the new generation of the industrial silos and Machine Tools.

This group is capable to Designing , Manufacturing , Constructing and commissioning of machinery Animal , poultry ( Oviparous , Broiler , Breeder ) , Livestock feed with advanced technology,For example Mash  ,  Pellets  , Geranuls , Concentrates ,  supplements , Medicines ( Drugs) , and etc.

In the Pellet Line , Its using of multi types of quantity from 5 tons/hour to 100 tons/hour with multi types of DIES.

The ASIAB Industrial GROUP, has reached to the advanced technology such as: HYGIENIZER Machine , Animal , Poultry ( Oviparous , Broiler , Breeder ) , Livestock feed , for upgrading more benefit for producer either consumer.

These machines contains: HYGIENIZER Machine , MASH cooler , PRE Filter , and etc .

The HYGIENIZER Machine will cause to remove the Salmonella Bacteria , making farina as Gelatine in side of shell , and will more Absorption of mustraise  and also making more capability of absorption Protein for Animal , Poultry ( Oviparous , Broiler , Breeder ) , Livestock feed


                 The successful presence of the Asiab industrial group, among the large companies producing livestock and poultry                                                                                    machinery in the world ( 2018,Abu Dhabi, viv exhibition)

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